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Cambridge Seminar SeriesAmy Bennett receiving OVMA award

Rising Star Award – Amy Bennett, DVM

The Rising Star Award is presented to an associate veterinarian who has demonstrated superior leadership in their place of employment and their community; for the betterment of animal welfare and/or their clients and/or their colleagues in the veterinary profession.

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in 2012, Dr. Amy Bennett completed an Internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery in San Diego, CA before joining Main Street Animal Hospital in Cambridge, ON in 2013. Dr. Bennett practices as an ambulatory equine practitioner, and has an extensive skill set in general equine medicine, surgery and lameness. Amy also recently completed a course in veterinary spinal manipulative therapy.

Dr. Bennett is passionate about providing quality, compassionate care to her many patients, including horses, zebras, donkeys and mules. She regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty for clients and colleagues, receiving praise for her outstanding communication skills and dedication to working around the clock to resolve difficult cases. She provides veterinary services to organizations such as the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and Pride Stables Central Ontario Developmental Riding Program, who commend her for the commitment and dedication she shows to the many animals under their care. 

Dr. Bennett serves as a mentor to many students in veterinary and technician programs, going above and beyond in her efforts to help students feel confident and flourish in their new career field. Although she is a very in-demand mentor, Dr. Bennett is always willing to lend her time, experience and knowledge to eager students. According to one of her mentees, “Amy is always willing to lend her time, experience and knowledge to eager students. She has become known among my equine-focused veterinary peers as an excellent local resource for knowledge and experience, and for that reason I believe she is a leader in the student equine veterinary community. Her leadership and mentorship have helped me to build confidence and have guided me to start becoming the type of practitioner I have always wished to be.”

Dr. Bennett is also an active volunteer in the equine community including volunteering during the Pan American Games in 2015 and offering free talks for various pony clubs and local client education sessions. She has also presented ribbons and awards at hunter/jumper shows and regularly participates in continuing education to further her knowledge. Amy regularly volunteers for fundraising events, such as the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada’s annual Donkey Day fundraiser.

In the words of Dr. Scott Reid, one of her nominators, “I have been in practice for twenty-nine years and I have not met a more impressive, dynamic veterinarian who is truly a Rising Star.”